What’s wine got to do with it

I’ve never been big on analysis of myself or my actions. However, as I am approaching my next birthday, I feel like I’m aging in a positive way. I’m maturing like a red wine. I know, such a cliché.

I’m unquestionably a New World wine. Much more racy and unpredictable than an established Old World vintage. Solar-powered for sure. A varietal rather than ‘terroir’. I correspond to a wine that doesn’t necessarily appeal to conventional palates. Although accessible in style and composed at first encounters, similar to some Californian wines, I may be considered too squeaky clean, less subtle than expected and overly fruity when I open up.

Could it be that my age – the length of my existence, the duration of my life – has just given me some instinctive insights into myself? Because despite my aversion to self-analysis, I find myself reflecting on a particular quality that other people have often pinpoint in me. “You’re always so positive”, I get to hear all the time.

If I take the positivity statement as a compliment, the typical Finn in me wants to downplay it. “Well no, I’m not really that positive”. After all, one should never call attention to oneself. Being modest is a virtue. What if I decided to let go of that particular Finnish humbleness  and accept that positivity is an integral part of my personality? It’s in fact an exceptional asset. Or should I leap even beyond this recent self-affirmation? Revel in my positivity and make that contagious energy and enthusiasm my profession. I do often seem to have an ability to get people excited. So why not try to make people realise that life is better when injected with joy? Help people rise above their daily frustrations. Inspire them with everyday successes that are relevant and meaningful to them.

Yes, it’s very vague at this point. I realise cynics may reject my idea. “Surely you cannot make a living off positivity”. Teamed up with my deliberative and analytical hubby and supportive friends,  I won’t be dragged down. Like with a yoga posture, I look forward to seeing the full expression of this chapter of my life. The New World wines made it big in the end, too.

Harvesting positivity at Kahvila Utula

Harvesting positivity at Kahvila Utula

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