Clean sheet for the summer

Remember the detox craze some years ago? People cleansing toxins from their bodies, juice fasting, doing colonics. As with any new dietary trend, I never jumped on it. I have a strong dislike of strict regimes. Then a year ago, I attended a 21-day yoga intensive at Studio Tulijooga in Helsinki. The course was based on Baron Baptiste’s programme for personal revolution. Yoga six days a week, daily meditation practice, coaching sessions. And you guessed it, a detox plan. So, I took on the whole package for the three weeks. I loved it. Well, mostly loved it. It left me feeling positive, energised and healthy.

Anyways. Ever since, the hubby and I have continued with the occasional detox periods. We call them “detox”, but strictly speaking, we simply eliminate certain ingredients and all processed foods from our diet. Eat lots of greens instead.

Indulgence is the word to describe my life in May-June this year. Sure. It was lovely. We had many friends visit us in London. There were lots of festivities, special occasions. Suddenly even when there are not, I notice that we have a glass or two of wine on a weeknight. Or pop into Pizza Express for dinner, because we’re too busy to cook. Lazy more like. When the alarm goes off in the morning, I am dead beat. Why not shock the system with a double shot cappuccino? I realise I have not kept up with my regular yoga practice. I feel bloated and lethargic.

With the summer vacation coming up at the end of July, we decide to do a 10-day detox before it. Cut out coffee and alcohol. No more processed foods of any kind. No meat, fish, dairy, sugar, flour… Basically eat vegetables, berries, nuts and lentils. Drink lots of water. For breakfast, we cheat a bit and have some porridge. A mere smoothie just doesn’t cut it for me.

We’ve managed to arrange the detox on the hottest period of the year. Summer’s finally here. Wimbledon with Pimm’s and strawberries. Sunny beer gardens with BBQs by the Thames. Picnics in the park. Ice-cream at the beach. Even those people walking around with their Starbucks take-away cups, who I normally want to guide to Taylor Street Baristas or Harris + Hoole, get envious looks from me. For a few days, I suffer from a horrendous, migraine-like headache. Coffee withdrawals.

In the end, it’s just 10 days. My body feels much better. Having resumed regular yoga practice, my mind feels a lot clearer. I’m happier. And how I will appreciate that glass of crisp white wine with some sushi in a company of a good friend tonight. With a clean sheet, I again acknowledge the little treats my life has to offer.

Next week I'll enjoy a cup of coffee at Minkies Deli

Next week I’ll enjoy a cup of coffee at Minkies Deli


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