Road to hell is paved with good intentions

Occasionally I get really excited about healthy cooking. Vegetarian food, organic food, raw food, alkaline food. Anything tasty and wholesome.

So, on Tuesday, I decide to surprise my husband with a healthy, home-cooked dinner. First things first. I put a bottle of white wine in the fridge. It’s summer after all. I get distracted and have only just found a good recipe, when the hubby gets home. We have none of the ingredients required for the dinner I have planned. We have a glass of the wine I had thoughtfully placed for cooling and head across the street to Pizza Express for our evening meal.

On Wednesday, I do make it to Tesco’s to buy the ingredients for my healthy dinner. Only barely. The day has just flown by. There was yoga, a pleasant leisurely lunch with a friend at a sunny pub garden, a lovely spontaneous meeting with a yoga buddy, sampling of Italian ice-creams and impulsive career counselling with reading tips. I finally arrive home with my food shopping and land firmly on the sofa. Just for a while. Suddenly, the rest of the super-aged Gouda we bought last weekend appears next to me. We polish it off. Ok, we finish the wine, too.

On Thursday afternoon, I resume my original plan. I’m back on track. At last. Glancing through the recipe for Chickpea Burgers with Tahini Dressing, I arrange all the ingredients on the kitchen worktop. It takes me forever to find a can opener. The old one has been replaced with one from the pound shop. “Amazing value for just £1, the lid safe can opener with side cutting action opens cans safely”. Mechanically challenged, I spend 15 minutes twisting and turning both the opener and can. Seriously, how does this thing work? I give up and instant message the hubby. I soon realise it’s a hopeless mission for him to explain how to open a can with the new tool. I just cannot get my head around how to place the two blades between the edges of the can. A video call is not a good idea, since he’s at work. He kindly sends me an instructional clip.

After the chickpeas have been safely and hygienically released from the tin, I start prepping the mixture that will become the patties. The food processor is definitely too small, so I confidently throw everything into my new blender. The ice crushing function will do perfectly.  I quickly discover why I should have invested in a Vitamix instead of the bargain Duronic BL1200. Not quite the “table blender combining quality with style to deliver an appliance that performs every time”.  The blades get stuck immediately and there is a smell. A very unpleasant one.

Saved by the bell. The phone rings. A friend asks if we want to join them for a Thai meal at the local pub. I happily leave the mess in the kitchen behind and meet them there. Soft-shelled crab in yellow curry and mixed seafood with vegetables. Fragrant jasmine rice.

Today is Friday. The chunky chickpea mixture is still in the fridge. It’s yet to be seen whether it’ll be transformed into burgers with tahini dressing tonight. I doubt it. I’m thinking tabbouleh and hummus instead. It’ll go nicely with the whole-wheat pita bread I bought for my original plan.



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