Work in progress

I saw this course being offered at work. ”Getting Things Done”. It sounded familiar.  Sure enough, it’s the title of a book that’s been sitting on my bookshelf for the past three-four years. Actually it’s one of the very few that I kept when going digital with reading. The book travelled all the way from my living room in Helsinki to my new mini IKEA bookcase in London. I have not yet read it. I started a couple of times, but didn’t get it done. Just couldn’t seem to find the time to read a book about getting organised. Ironic!

I signed up for the one-day ”Getting Things Done” workshop. The book immediately made it to my bedside table. Now it’s been sitting there, collecting dust. Instead, I’ve begun reading Vikas Swarup’s new novel ”The Accidental Apprentice” that I had pre-ordered. The book was delivered to my Kindle library last week. Could it be that I’ve reached a point where I prefer to read books electronically? It does feel more natural to grab my iPad, find the Kindle app and read away  than reaching for that dusty book. I love flipping through the pages on the app. I can pick up exactly where I left, no bookmarks required. And I can look up words and even do searches. But that’s really beside the point here. Excuses, excuses! The GTD book remains unread.

So, the training course is on Friday. I have high expectations, as the book’s author, David Allen, is a bit of a personal productivity guru. Have you seen his TEDx talk? It was so clever. Rather than getting everything done, he encourages appropriate engagement. He parallels this with the kind of clarity and focus we have when facing a crisis. Learning to act with perspective and control without having the obligatory crisis. I’m not envisaging getting an extra hour into my day as a result of the course. Just a few tips, simple pointers and new ideas for achieving greater clarity of mind. I’ll keep you posted. If I get it done.

Picture by Cathy Thorne, Everyday People

Picture by Cathy Thorne, Everyday People


2 thoughts on “Work in progress

    • Actually those workshops are being offered around the world, if you’re really interested. Not sure what it’d cost, though. I’ll definitely let you know how it went.

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