Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all

It’s hot. Sweat is stinging my eyes. Or perhaps it’s the mascara, which I forgot to remove before class.  It’s not waterproof.  As I slowly lift my head from Hands to Feet pose, I see my reflection fleetingly on the mirror. Yes, a serious case of panda eyes. I try to resist the urge to use my towel to wipe around the eyes and get ready for the three parts of Awkward Pose instead.

”Concentrate, don’t even blink your eyes”, the yoga teacher says. I’m attempting to fix these completely out-of-place Cleopatra eyes on one spot in the front mirror. The Queen of the Nile would have been gravely ashamed of this Bikram Yoga induced eye makeup. Weapons of mass seduction – not. My critical gaze wanders a bit. I notice the sweat drenched baggy top I’m wearing today sticking onto my stomach. My belly looks huge! And the tank top straps are placed unevenly on my shoulders. Annoying! I make a mental note of how this top really accentuates my broad shoulders. Way too much! I so want to adjust all these apparel glitches. Also, I’d like to push the hair out of my face, wipe the sweat, smooth my crumpled towel, look better, be slimmer. Where’s my water?

As usual, I’ve arrived at the studio rather dehydrated for this ninety minute hot yoga ordeal. The two glasses of wine last night are definitely not helping either. I suppose the large soy cappuccino I savoured at breakfast had some water in it. However, gulping down half a litre of water in the changing room was just plain stupid. I’m hoping it’ll settle a bit before the floor series. It’s actually very unpleasant to lay on a balloon of a belly. Should have known better. I cannot reach for my water bottle, because I stopped bringing water into the room.

I tell myself to stop worrying about the reflection on the mirror and end the fidgeting. I start concentrating on my breathing. Inhaling gently, exhaling slowly. Through my nose. It’s working. Little by little, I have my composure back. The only thing that’s shattered is my confidence in the magic mirror’s abilities in the Snow White fairy tale. I conclude that mirrors do not always tell the truth, it’s my perception of the truth. Instead, I believe in the power of yoga.



6 thoughts on “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all

  1. I love getting to ‘the place’. But I share your pain when the little niggles e.g. beads of sweat mess with composure! I don’t have the problem with eye liner though. x

  2. I know what its like to have sweat streaming in my eyes like its pouring rain outside. Every once in awhile it stings like hell and totally distracts me. Most of the time is just another normal yoga class which is a normal part of most of my days. I don’t think I’ve ever seen or noticed mascara streaming down someone’s face though, lol. Sounds like it would sting like hell and be pretty messy mixed with dripping sweat. Almost like you’d HAVE to wipe it…lesson learned I guess?? Great to hear about the water in the studio. I gave it up earlier this year and would never go back. To each his/her own but I’m a total convert to the idea that water in class is much more of a distraction and hindrance than a help.

  3. Loved it! At my gym there’s a mirror that makes you look short and fat…. Great for motivation… Feel like I’m in an amusement park in the fun mirrors section. Kram

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