My life’s like an IT infrastructure

This past week I’ve been introduced to the exciting world of hosting. Sadly I don’t mean the kind which involves acting as a host at an event or for media. I’m referring to the variety that has to do with data centres, networks, servers, software and other bits and pieces I expect to become incredibly fluent in shortly. Scenarios where a service provider is responsible for deploying, maintaining and monitoring these systems on behalf of the customer.

One day we talked about the main building blocks for architecting an IT hosting solution. Obviously the products and services were technical, but it all sounded extremely familiar. It seems that my life is built very similarly to an IT infrastructure:

Performance! How about throwing some more CPU, RAM or disk space at your body and mind when coming across a performance issue? I wish it was that simple. Instead, in order to optimise my performance in the long term, I try to eat healthily, exercise regularly, rest enough and maintain loving relationships. My interim measure against my performance dip this week, a severe cold, has been plenty of vitamin C. It’s not working.

Security! Since I happen to be incompatible with physical firewalls and most monitoring devices, I have developed behaviours to let in the good flow and block the undesirable traffic. I do need to tighten my security controls. I can be a bit too trusting sometimes.

Scalability & Flexibility! These clever IT guys design their organisations’ IT infrastructures so that they can easily meet any future needs. Ramp the system up and possibly scale it down again. Adjust to peaks. Likewise, I’m trying my best to have a decent foundation for being able to embrace change. I think it helps to learn new things on a regular basis, to go outside my comfort zone. Yoga’s great for that. It gives me both challenges for development and confidence in my abilities. It silences my inner critic.

Risk & Redundancy! Finally, solid IT infrastructures have processes in place for potential disasters. Organisations need to protect their business if data is lost or their systems fail. I guess there’s an element of preparing for risk and redundancy in my life, too. I try to live soundly financially and economically. But I also seek to live fully and intentionally, so that I have no regrets. It’s a difficult equation to solve.



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