Installing my firewall

I’ve been picking up a lot of new things lately. Like today at work. I learned that in computing: ”a firewall is a technological barrier designed to prevent unauthorised or unwanted traffic between computer networks or hosts”.

Believe it or not, it got me thinking, reflecting. What is my personal firewall? What prevents unauthorised or unwanted communications between me and other people? The answer would have to be a regular practice of yoga. ”Suspended moments” were the words used by Senior Bikram Yoga Teacher Mary Jarvis in her workshop at BYR this past weekend. I really liked that. She was talking about the emotional benefits of consistent yoga practice. Instead of reacting instantaneously to an unwanted communication, gaining a moment or two to let go, and perhaps coming up with a more constructive response.

When I first started yoga, I was only after the physical benefits. My body’s always been pretty strong. I build up muscle easily. I wanted to try something new. Anything to improve my non-existent flexibility.  I could hardly touch my toes. I went twice, three times a week. The stiffness started to disappear. Slowly but surely. To my surprise, it was quicker to realise the mental benefits of yoga. I was able to relax more easily. Yoga gave me an ability to focus in the present moment. And suddenly future situations that I used to stress about felt less important. I even let go of some of my strive for perfection.

The positive thoughts and self-acceptance encouraged by yoga is my firewall. I was very happy when a new colleague of mine said to me last week: “You have this positive energy about you – must be all the yoga you do”.



8 thoughts on “Installing my firewall

  1. Lovely analogy – I used to do Yoga a few times a week, but have been so busy with work I have been reduced to just once or twice a week now. Went yesterday, did Dancer pose (like you in the photo), and slept really well last night…lovely post. Thanks, – Bill

    • Thank you for stopping by my blog and liking the post, Bill. Appreciate it! I’m expecting a lot of analogies to pop up in the next few months, as I just started a new job and there’s a lot of thinking to be done.

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