Interior tug-of-wars

In soon fifteen years of marriage, I’ve learned that offence is sometimes the best defence. Especially in matters of interior decoration. I have to admit I’ve given up on trying to have a say in any hifi purchases. I came to that conclusion after a certain loudspeaker incident. My only input in that buying process was a modest wish for something small and discreet. I arrived home home from a business trip and was dumbfounded at the sight of these massive boxes for loudspeakers – in electric-blue. A note was left on the table: “Just listen to the sound”.

There’s still hope for me in the subject of home decoration. I just have to be quick.

Our new flat in south-west London has hardwood floors. I love hardwood floors. My husband loves to cover them with rugs. Strolling along the Portobello Market one afternoon, I come across a stall that has some interesting rugs. Made of thin plastic. I’m clueless to brands, but my friend recognises the design, Pappelina. From Sweden apparently. So, I buy one for the entrance hall of our new home. Before my husband does.

A success! My husband loves the rug. I get a rug I can live with. End of story..

Not! He wants another one. To cover some more of our beautiful hardwood flooring. Evidently it echoes badly in our flat and another rug in the hall will do the trick. Upon some research, he orders one online from France. They have the one he wants – Viggo Star in metallic mud/vanilla – in stock. In the meanwhile, our friends like the rug, too. They find out that we’re all practically neighbours with the company “Lotta from Stockholm” that I bought the first rug from. They visit the showroom and get a few rugs to model at home. They end up buying a rug and even purchase one for their in-laws.

My husband is now wondering whether the French online company is a hoax. A month from the order date, there’s no rug. A few heated but polite emails later, he gets the delivery charges knocked off. Another month on, still no rug. He finally cancels the order.

He decides to the buy the rug from “Lotta from Stockholm”. Pleasant to do business with a fellow Swede. They don’t have the rug in the desired length in stock. After two months, it’s not really an issue to wait another two weeks. No delivery required, he can just pick up the rug in Twickenham. It’s just that two weeks on, we still don’t have the other rug. Lotta had ordered a wrong rug. I give up. I have no idea what he’ll do.



3 thoughts on “Interior tug-of-wars

  1. To avoid echo in your flat – I have a suggestion.
    we have bought special made canvas pictures to bring down the sound level in our house. You can find them for instance at We have bought 3 in white linnen and one that looks like a big grafiti painting.
    They are far mor efficent than any curtain or rug and easier to buy and agree on than a rug.

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