Ten things you did not know about me

ImageI’m starting a new job in March. The company asked me to send them a list of ten things they don’t know about me as an introduction. My sister kindly wrote a list on my behalf:

  1. I have square toes.
  2. In the 80’s, I looked exactly like George Michael.
  3. My nickname is Lokki (Finnish for “Herring Gull”) due to my physical and psychological appearance.
  4. I stroke my brother on the head with a baseball bat.
  5. I have dropped off my little sister at the nursery grounds in the small hours and left her waiting there on her own.
  6. I had laser eye surgery and pretended to be blinded when my sister came to see me afterwards.
  7. Despite all the teasing, my little sister still thinks I’m the best sister in the world.
  8. I have run a marathon and quit my long-distance running career at the top.
  9. I can do a headstand – in full winter gear in the snow or on a stand-up paddleboard.
  10. I can fall asleep anywhere, however preferably on my living room floor with my favourite tv show.

I may have to modify the list a bit before submitting it today.


4 thoughts on “Ten things you did not know about me

  1. Wonderrrrrful list. Love it! Great ideas if I need to create a list of my own one day. Will definetely steal the “I can fall asleep anywhere”. Someone did hit my brother in the head with baseball bat but it wasn’t me – even if physical hitting would have been lots better idea than the continuous mental hitting that big sisters just do 😉

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