Every exit is an entry

Today we’ve been living in the UK for three months. How do I know? Because it’s time to renew my yoga membership package at BYR.

Until last year, we had been happily living and working in Finland for the previous nine years. While Helsinki was an unfamiliar cultural and language environment for my Swedish husband, it was being at home, with the often undervalued luxury of family and friends close by, for me. However, we both had an itch. This persistent and restless craving to relocate. We contemplated trading the long and dark winters fighting against the never-ending piles of snow in Helsinki for something else.

We decided to take a chance. The ball started rolling. I quit my job. We spent some time in California just to return home to go through all our belongings. We downsized. We sold and gave away stuff. We made numerous trips to waste recycling centres. Then there was an unexpected offer from our neighbours to buy our flat. And suddenly by mid-October, we saw the moving van pull out of our old driveway with all our material possessions and we just stood there. Homeless with two suitcases and a yoga mat bag.

Once we arrived in England, we started locating little, oddly shaped pieces of this endless jigsaw puzzle of transitioning into our new British life. We have been able to put together some pieces into recognisable patterns through a process of inquiry and discovery. There are still many pieces missing, but the basic framework is definitely in place. Uncertainty and frustration are everyday occurrences, but so is the joy and happiness of finding surprising new solutions. We are so grateful for all the old and new friends who are, consciously or unconsciously, contributing to us assembling this great mystery.

There it goes!

There it goes!


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