Step by step

It feels like yesterday when somebody asked me in the yoga studio changing room: “So, how many days are you into your 30 Day Challenge?”. Another person at the studio was just approaching her 100th consecutive yoga day, so I embarrassingly replied: “Day three”. Well, it’s day #28 today and I’m very proud of myself for coming this far.

It annoys me immensely that I wasn’t as pleased with myself on day number three. So typical of me! We all have to start somewhere. Isn’t the decision to get under way in many instances the hardest part of any journey? I had agreed to take that first step on the 30 day quest and by day three, I was already ten percent underway.

At work at the beginning of each fiscal year, we were given performance targets. Since I worked in a sales role, I naturally got a revenue quota. We assessed performance against targets every week within the account and sales teams. In addition, I had a set of commitments that I was accountable for. I had to create an execution plan to reach them and every month, I sat down with my manager to review my progess. Crystal clear! I wouldn’t even have dreamt of anything than delivering against the given targets. Preferably exceeding them. I almost felt like I was personally accountable to the company’s shareholders.

Since everything was so measured at work, I avoided setting any specific targets in my private life. Why disappoint myself? I knew I would just bump my personal goals aside as soon as promises made to somebody external required closer attention.

The 30 Day Challenge has been a small step in the right direction on the journey of putting myself first. I don’t intend to become more selfish, but I do need to learn to set some healthy boundaries. The 90 minutes a day in the hot room are an investment towards myself – my wellbeing and personal happiness. I look forward to celebrating my 30 days on Wednesday with a double session and a new pair of yoga pants. Since it’ll be “the New Me” after these 30 consecutive days, they won’t be plain black either.



5 thoughts on “Step by step

  1. Oh yes! Realizing that putting yourself first isn’t selfish- it’s a life long commitment you make with the one person you definetly will spend all of it- is big! Of course there are many ways to do it… Simple selfisness is one thing and taking care of the most important is another. I knew you’ll have something big happening in you during and because of this challenge. Just two more to go. Does it feel like the end or the beginning? 🙂

  2. Finally had the time to reply to your message and thought let me read your blog. And I have already found my answer that you have successfully finished your 30 day challenge. That’s awesome!!! Well done. You have accomplished so much by doing this 30 day challenge I’m sure. So when did you find out about bikram yoga and decided to join?

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