My love affair with breakfast

Coffee grinder running. The smell of freshly ground beans. My live-in barista in the kitchen. Sound of steam coming from the espresso machine – long bursts, short blasts. Our neighbour must hate us. I set the table. Whatever I find in the kitchen cabinets and the fridge. We did some shopping earlier this week, so today it’s müsli, bananas, soy yoghurt, some raisins and cashews. The almond milk froth forms a heart on the cappuccino. My barista’s latte art repertoire also includes a heavy metal skull and a Mona Lisa smile. Quite the extremes.

I am crazy about breakfast. I love it so much that I have it every day. Why limit this happiness generating event to weekends only? If you can enjoy it 365 mornings a year, why opt for 104?

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. You would assume it had a positive effect on metabolism. There are recent studies that have shown that eating breakfast improves cognitive abilities. Other studies have indicated that when compared with breakfast skippers, breakfast eaters have lower BMI and reduced fatigue. I guess that’s why most parents make sure their kids eat at least some cereal in the morning, even if they happily skip it themselves.

The point about my breakfast affection is not its health aspects. Mere juices and smoothies are definitely not my cup of tea. I happily indulge in fresh bread and occasionally, pain aux raisin, muffins or other foods higher in refined carbohydrates, before hitting the road. My recent favourite is Speculoos Spread. For a peanut allergy sufferer, it’s absolute heaven. I get special deliveries from Belgium. Fortunately the print on the nutritional facts label on the jar is far too fine for my aging eyes. I can merrily smear a generous portion on a piece of toast.

As long as I get my cappuccino, the food is largely secondary. I really enjoy the morning routine. Sharing a moment with the loved ones before embarking on the adventures the world has to offer today. It’s almost as if having breakfast sets the tone for my happiness level for the day. Rise and shine, this is Bikram Yoga Day #23!



7 thoughts on “My love affair with breakfast

  1. Ah, breakfast! 🙂 I’m a breakfast lover myself too. Mine’s different though, but the point is having it and having it every morning. You’re right about it setting the tone for ones happiness level. Some mornings a great smoothie with all it’s flavours bursting in my mouth makes me smile so widely and some mornings a warm porrige with fresh almond milk does the same. I go with instinct, I’ve learned to take time to listen (and to hear) what my body wants for starters of a new day. That makes all the difference .. Viva la breakfast!! 😉

    Day 23 already??!! Wow… My yoga for this morning was a 10 min butt series 🙂 🙂

    • Glad to hear we share the breakfast love, Mariia! I wish I could do with a smoothie, but for some reason I need something more substantial or perhaps it’s the chewing action that’s missing.

      Time’s really flying by with the Yoga Challenge. I’m actually very happy a friend encouraged me to write a blog about it. The experience has become more tangible.

      Tonight I’ll also test something new – a session at the Method Putkisto studio in Richmond. Excited!

  2. Hi Darling,
    I hear you 😉 Breakfast IS the best meal of the day!
    I can´t really live without it 😉
    Over the years my body and how it works, has taught me that without breakfast I´m NO GOOD for anybody and anything! I usually wake up in the morning to colossal hunger and breakfast is the first thing on my mind….I figured this must be because I´m also a kind of person with LOTS of dreams during my sleep and that takes a lot of energy and burns a lot of calories….make sense ? ;))
    Recently I´ve been making a lot of different green smoothies for breakfast and I even managed to “sell it” pretty good to the other family-members 😉
    Anu, you should try it ! It does not have to be a huge bucket, just a small one to wake up your digestion-system. It´s like velvet (and very healthy) for your stomach and then AFTER that you have your coffee, fresh bread etc.
    Speaking of morning Yoga, I took a Bikram class this morning at Pia´s studio with a visiting teacher. Well hello!! Do you speak dialogue? It´s been a while 😉 and how fun it was to listen to the dialogue!!!
    They say when you practice yoga in the morning it`s your “Golden Hour” of the day…………………today I again remembered why I usually don´t take yoga-classes in the morning.
    It´s SO NOT my Golden Hour !!!!! ;))) It takes me at least an hour to get my body going and just when my engine is running, the class is over ; /
    I´m sure you girl are doing very well on your 30 day challenge! Keep up the good work 😉
    Hope to hear from you and see you soon!!!
    Iloa ja valoa elämääsi

    • Thanks Lode, my yoga (and beyond) role model. Maybe I’ve misunderstood this whole smoothie practice. Never occurred to me that it can be combined with regular breakfast. Just shows how black and white I am.. I’d love to try a smoothie appetizer at weekend. Do you have a recipe to share?

  3. My smoothies are different every time. Depending much on what is in the fridge. But I almost always have cucumber and spinach in them. My morning smoothie (makes about 1l) can be like this: atleast half of a cucumber, two handfuls of spinach, two carrots, one leaf of kale (when it’s awailable) some green salad leaves or a slice of cabbage, almond butter or almond milk, chunk of fresh ginger, cinnamon, (vanilla), about 4 dl (alkaline)water ,or water and coconut water (you can get them in just about any grocery store there I noticed!), some good oil and salt to taste.
    I take time to eat my smoothie. Yes, eat.. I’m so used to chewing it, I can’t gulp it down anymore even if I tried 😀

    • Thanks, Mariia. I’ll give that a try this weekend. I usually have something like that at home all the time. Come think of it, I don’t have a blender at the moment. We threw it out before moving, because it was too old and tired to blend properly. So, some online shopping before I get to make a smoothie.

  4. ok. my smoothie is also always different 😉 a good one is for ex.
    2 handfulls of babyspinach, 3-4 cm cucumber, 2 cellery sticks, 1 apple or 1 pear, 1 avocado or 1 banana, juice from 1 lemon, 1 passionfruit, some green salad, litte bit of salt and water or coconut water 🙂

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