The trouble with water

There’s a saying: “It is like drinking a glass of water“, meaning something’s really easy to do. Well, drinking water sure doesn’t come easy to me. Here’s the ugly truth – my liquid diary of Day 17 of the 30 Day Bikram Yoga Challenge:

With breakfast I had a cappuccino with store-bought almond milk. My husband had kindly made the coffee before he left for work. I drank it cold. Instead of having lemon water as usual, I downed a small glass of mango-passion fruit smoothie. I did not whizz it up in a blender. I had picked it up in a carton at Sainsbury’s a few days earlier. It was not organic either.

Before leaving the house, I had two big glasses of vanilla chai. It happened to be both fairtrade and organic. The instructions call for infusing the tea bags in freshly boiled water for at least 5 minutes. Do you think I’m overdoing it? I just boil water, leave the tea bags in and drink the tea whenever. And yes, today I drank the tea cold.

I had arranged to meet a friend at Taylor Street Baristas‘ before we headed to yoga together. I just had to order a medium soy cappuccino. They serve the best coffee in London after all. I also reluctantly drank a small glasses of Brita filtered water. It was really just for show.

At yoga I drank half a litre of filtered water that I had brought from home. No water during the actual Bikram series anymore. Sometimes after the class I buy a small carton of natural coconut water at the studio. Today I rushed out. I had good intentions to drink another half a litre of water on the bus ride home, but I forgot to fill up my water bottle. Honestly. My sister won’t believe me.

I didn’t drink anything with lunch, but later in the afternoon, I sipped through another two large glasses of vanilla chai. One tongue burning hot and the other lukewarm while cooking dinner.

Again, i didn’t have a drink with the carrot ginger soup I had for dinner at home.

We went for a wine tasting at the Cabbage Patch organised by Last Try Wines this evening.It was wines for the festive season, everything from cava, white, red to dessert wines. All in all, I had probably two glasses of wine. My husband finished the ones I didn’t fancy. To cleanse my palate, I had a few sips of water between tasting different wines.

Before going to bed, I felt compelled to have a large glass of water. In all conscience it was probably because I had decided to write this blog post.

There’s another saying: “You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink“. With regular, sweaty Bikram classes in my life, I need to shape up with proper hydration. Otherwise I’ll be in hot water.



2 thoughts on “The trouble with water

  1. Maybe you just don’t need water? If you feel good I think you should not worry too much (…just
    having the 3rd coffee of the day..hhmm..water – yes I did 30 mins of swiming in it..) 🙂

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