Halfway there

We choose to spend our time on everything and nothing. Time passes no matter what, it cannot be stopped. For me, in the past 15 days, I have included a regular daily practice of Bikram Yoga into my life, totalling 1,350 minutes or 22.5 hours. That means I’m officially halfway through my 30 Day Challenge.

A friend asked me what I had achieved by halfway point.

In terms of the actual physical yoga asanas, nothing much has changed. I still struggle to lock my knee properly in Standing Head to Knee. I have been advised to move more weight forward into the big toe of the standing leg, plug it in, while at the same time really suck my belly in, away from the toe. All that should be happening before even getting to the kicking part of the posture. I think in this pose, it’s the yin and yang in me battling. Or the poor little yin is trying to sneak in. One look at my tree trunk legs and it is obvious that I have the muscle strength. I am sure that as soon as I’ll be able to let go of some yang and ease into the posture, my standing knee will remain locked. “Relax, girl, relax”, I keep reminding myself, before my impatience kicks in and I again try to force it by pushing harder. Good that postures are just one part of yoga practice.

My breathing has improved considerably. These days, I actually enjoy the two breathing exercises in the Bikram series. The first Pranayama deep breathing warms me up and prepares both my body and mind for the class. The final Kapalbhati breathing rounds up the practice nicely. And all the breathing and stillness in and between the postures! It is as if I have gained a whole new series in the same old series – a “more for the money” kind of deal.

The 30 Day Challenge so far has been more of a journey of self-discovery than anything else. I have once again uncovered some of my own tendencies and habits, gotten to know myself – the good, bad and ugly. I believe that this increased self-awareness will help me to relate to the world around me much better. I am gradually realising and accepting that my own worth is not related to my achievements. That’s why I am lowering my expectation for this Challenge to mere intention of showing up for class for the 15 days to come. Done is enough and in my case better than perfect!



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