Breaking the ice with our boiler

I have never seen as many boilers in my life as I did during our weeks of property search in London. We now have our own individual gas fired boiler in the tiny flat we live in. It provides heating and hot water just for the two of us. This rather bulky unit has been placed in a cuboard in the hall. You cannot miss it. When the boiler is on, the cuboard is like a mini sauna.

Yesterday, I turned the boiler off. It was so hot indoors I could no longer breathe. Phew! I had tried adjusting the thermostat down a few times, but to no effect. Surely it cannot be efficient to be constantly turning the boiler on and off? I don't know. I have never had my own boiler in Finland. Over 95% of residential apartment buildings there are connected to a district heating network.

Later during the day, when lying in final savasana for my day 3 of the Bikram Yoga challenge, I decided that tomorrow I would get acquinted with the various different operation modes and advance boost settings our boiler offers. I am positive we'll have a solid, warm relationship as soon as we break the ice.



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