Simple (dis)pleasure of a bike ride

We moved into our new home a few days back and finally got all our personal effects from overseas storage. I was especially happy to be reunited with my bicycle. On Wednesday morning, I decided to cycle to yoga. I was running late. My Tunturi Chat is a single speed bicycle and it does not ride like a racer.

In order to avoid too much of the treaded left-hand traffic, I opted to cross the river at Teddington Lock and ride along the Thames riverside. Oh my, the state of the riverside footpath. Due to heavy rainfall, the path was thick with mud. Part of it was closed all together and I had to walk my bike on across a muddy meadow. By the time I got to BYR for my Day 2 yoga session, my bike, favourite Converse Jack Purcells, jeans and bag were covered in mud and I was sweaty before even starting the class.

The yoga itself was great and it had a soothing effect on me. I simply concentrated on my breathing and listened to Kristin’s gentle instructions throughout the 26 asanas. This time I was even able to relax more into the postures, instead of using sheer force. As I am not naturally flexible, I have a tendency to use all my strength and push too hard.

On my way back home, my bicycle was clicking, squeking, clunking, rattling – you name it. I tolerated the annoying noises, but was absolutely terrified to be riding my bike on the narrow roads – cars parked alongside of the road and cars, vans and buses flying by my shaky road presence. I miss Helsinki’s Low Line – Baana! While living in this area, I better stick to South West Trains for my yoga commute.



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